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Quad Bike Tours

NO LICENCES REQUIRED on some of the tours so children and teens depending on ability, can take part in this fun activity. We operate numerous tours, for all abilities both on & off road from gentle inclines and winding paths past orchards & almond groves, to challenging drops in unspoilt, rugged terrain.


An activity suitable for the whole family to enjoy, with a bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure! Who will get the bull’s-eye? Shooting with the instinctive technique, it allows everyone to shoot in a safe but fun environment, with lakeside views.

Air Rifle Shooting

Another fun group activity for all ages. Shooting at cans and other targets, practice makes perfect, and our instructors will insure you learn to shoot safely and accurately. Younger children can be assisted by adults to load and hold the rifle.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Enjoy a relaxing paddle on the the crystal clear waters and enjoy a dip in the shallows or relish the opportunity to cover yourself in mud for the perfect spa opportunity, especially fun in the summer!

Nature Walks

This self-guided marked route within the Embalse de la Pedrera reserve has stunning lake views. The accompanying guide is full of interesting facts about the bird, plant and wildlife found in the surrounding areas.


Book a day fishing in the beautiful Lake Pedrera – including Rod, Bait & Tackle Hire. Start as early as 7am to collect your fishing gear if you like. Also, you can drive your car right down to the waters edge, and bring whatever you need to be comfortable – folding chairs, sun shades, etc – as there is not much shade at the edge of the lake.

Sea Scooters and Snorkeling

Snorkelling excursion with Sea Scooter on the beach on the Costa Blanca, conveniently accessible from the N332.    Starting off in the shallows and snorkelling within the calm waters with an aid of a sea scooter is the ideal way to appreciating the  marine life found amongst the rocky outcrops, along this stretch of coastline.

Picnic By The Lake

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