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The La Pedrera Reservoir and Reserve is in an area of outstanding natural beauty, and the scenery is simply breathtaking. It’s location close to the coast, yet just slightly inland, offers the visitors a glimpse of the ‘real Spain’. The CV950 that encircles the lake is a popular cycling route, that offers both on road – off road experience.

Travelling by bike is one of the best ways to get around and to experience the beauty of an area, but sometimes the thought of travelling long distances on a bike can be daunting, especially if are a bit out of practice or simply do not want to get too sweaty.

That’s where our Fat Bike e-bikes come in! Their real value is in their electrical assistance. By making cycling easier, e-bikes open the doors to travelling further and provide assistance as you pedal, helping you go the distance without the slog.


We use Fat bikes which are very comfortable. The large volume low pressure tyres act as shock absorbers. . Since the large tires absorb a lot of the vibration from riding, there is less stress on your hands and lower back which are perfect cyling on the road as well as the dirt tracks around the lake. 

OUR ROUTES The CV950 encircles the reservoir so you cannot lost. The starting point is at our offices on the CV95 and you can elect to stay on the main road, ride back on the canals, or drop down to the many off-road tracks that run adjacent to the lake. Clockwise, or anti-clockwise it is up to you. There is the lovely Spanish town of Torremendo to stop and admire, and even a Shady Pine Picnic Area to take a breather and enjoy the magnificent lake views.

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