Child and Teen Parties

If you are looking for an creative way to entertain a group of your children’s friends as a birthday celebration … then look no further! With a wide selection of activities and entertainment, let us help you create an amazing day out that they will never forget!

If your 8 year old girl wants a unicorn party, our horses make fantastic unicorns that will charm any young girl with an active imagination. From choosing their coloured unicorn horns, to painting their horses hooves in glitter, it will be an incredibly special birthday experience!

Or if you 18 year old son is looking for an action-packed morning, he and his friends can celebrate with an adventurous quad tour that will get their hearts racing. They might also like a little healthy competition with our “Crackshot combo” – a mini archery and air rifle tournament where you can battle it out to be the next Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen!

We can even cater to themed parties! “Cowboys and Indians”, “Mermaids and Pirates”, or “The Hunger Games”… are just a few examples of imaginative and exciting party ideas for your children to enjoy! We can also incorporate treasure hunts, adventure games, or candy hunts out in the nature reserve for a day of complete entertainment.

Why not add an outdoor picnic hamper, full of balloons and themed snacks/food to complete the package, and leave all the hard work to us! Our activities are incredibly versatile, so if you have an idea do not hesitate to contact us and we can work together to create a unique and original experience for your child and their friends!

Browse our wide range of activity options to see exactly what your days could include! (For more information about each activity, please see the Activity Options tab).
– Quad Biking
– Archery (range or field target shooting)
– Air rifle
– Kayaking
– Snorkeling
– Yoga and relaxation
– Nature Walks
– Outdoor Picnics complete with hampers
– Flamenco dancing entertainment
– Flamenco dancing classes
– Paella cooking classes

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