Special Occasion Celebrations

It’s that time of year again. You’re looking for a unique, exciting day-out to celebrate with your friends and family…. Let us help!

A birthday, an anniversary, or just a weekend away – any excuse will do! Why not try an action-packed day out full of original and tailor made activities you may never have tried before!

Never been horse riding? Our beautiful horses love to be a part of any special occasion! You can soak up the natural beauty of the area from horseback as you ride out into the nature reserve surrounding Lake Pedrera! From beginners to advanced riders, we have horses and rides to satisfy all skill levels. Or perhaps you prefer a mechanical option? Then you and your group can take an adventurous ride on quad bikes that will really get your heart racing! Or perhaps some friendly competition is in order?

Why not partake in a mini archery or air rifle tournament that will separate the men from the boys… (or women from the girls)! Our activities are incredibly versatile so we can collaborate with you to ensure the perfect, unforgettable weekend or day out!

With a Spanish-tapas picnic lunch made from local produce, coupled with a beautiful view and some celebratory champagne…you’ve got the perfect recipe to celebrate any occasion at any time of the year!

Add an overnight stay at a private luxury villa (with exclusive access to spa and pool complex) that is within walking distance and you can all indulge in a celebratory drink or two with stunning views as the sun sets over Lake Pedrera!

Browse our wide range of activity options to see exactly what your days could include! (For more information about each activity, please see the Activity Options tab).

– Quad Biking
– Horse Riding
– Archery (range or field target shooting)
– Air rifle
– Kayaking
– Snorkeling
– Yoga and relaxation
– Nature Walks
– Outdoor Picnics complete with hampers
– Flamenco dancing entertainment
– Flamenco dancing classes
– Paella cooking classes

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