Activity Options for Groups

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Fancy trying something new and original, but not sure whats on offer? Learn more about our wide range of activity options here!

QUAD BIKING – both easy-going tours and more adventurous tours are available. There are trails that allow you to see the nature reserve with all of its beauty, or trails that will take you up and down exciting hills and dips that will get your heart racing!

SEA SCOOTERS/SNORKELING – Love to explore the gorgeous underwater world? Why not try out our brand new sea scooter and snorkeling experience that is fun for all ages and groups! Let the scooters do the work as they pull you along along the top of the water, OR dive deeper to see more of the sea creatures and lovely seascapes that Spain has to offer. A fun, exciting and original snorkeling experience!

ARCHERY – A great way to have some fun, learn something new and prove just how deadly you can be! There are a variety of options, from target shooting in the archery range, to field targets that will test your power and eye sight. Who will be the best archer of the day?

AIR RIFLE SHOOTING – Ever fired a gun before? Air rifle shooting is a fun way to learn the basics. With the tips and tricks we teach you, you’ll be picking off targets in no time! A great way to add a little competition into your day out!

KAYAKING – If it’s a little water sport you are after, you can enjoy a relaxing paddle around the gorgeous Lake Pedrera! You can take a swim in the shallows, or use the mud on your skin for a natural spa experience. Or even add a picnic to break up the workout and keep up your energy for all that paddling.

PAMPER PACKAGE – If its the ultimate relaxation experience you are after, you could not ask for a better backdrop to enjoy an indulgent spa experience. With exclusive access to the outdoor jacuzzi, you and your closest can enjoy a glass of champagne and some easy conversation as you watch the sun set over over the crystal clear Lake Pedrera.

FLAMENCO ENTERTAINMENT – Feel like an injection of Spanish culture to spice up your day out? We can provide some evening entertainment in the form of local dancers who will perform for you on the outdoor stage against the stunning natural backdrop. Enjoying flamenco dancing whilst indulging in some delicious Spanish desserts? Sounds like perfection, no?

PICNIC HAMPERS – Here for a day of action-packed adventure and don’t want to think about what/where to get a meal? We can happily organise a Spanish infused picnic hamper with a bottle of wine, for you to enjoy at any time throughout your day! Choose your preferred location and we can set up a picnic spot complete with blanket and cushions, and a hammock for relaxing – all against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Pedrera.

YOGA CLASSES – If you would like to relax and stretch your aching muscles or just need to spend some time focusing on your breathing, we can cater for this too. We can organise a yoga class for you and your friends, outside on our wooden deck with glorious views of the Lake and surrounding nature reserve. Plan it at sunset, and it is an experience that you will remember for months, that is good for both your body and your soul.

FLAMENCO CLASSES – Or perhaps you want to get more involved and actually try your hand at flamenco dancing!? Our local teachers are here to help! Classes will take place in our private dance studio with full wall mirror so you can really see how you are moving, which is a fantastic way to learn! Then, if you are game, you can perform for your friends on our wooden deck overlooking the Lake Pedrera. All in the name of good fun!

PAELLA COOKING CLASSES – Love Spanish Paella and want to re-create it to impress your family, friends or significant other when you return home? Of course you do! We offer cooking classes for you and your friends, where you can learn how to make a stellar Spanish Paella, and even learn the secret to a balanced, delicious Sangria! A great way to end a fun-filled weekend away in sunny Spain!

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